• Leading alternative supplier of electricity and natural gas
  • Earnings exceeding CZK 1.5 billion a year
  • More than 30 own brick-and-mortar shops
  • Over 40,000 customers
  • Leader in customer programmes focused on energy saving

The ARMEX ENERGY company was established in 2005 as an electrical energy distributor for corporate customers. After the liberalisation of the electricity market it started to supply also households and since 2010 has supplied its customers also with natural gas.

The basic philosophy of ARMEX ENERGY is to shun completely the discredited door-to-door sale. Therefore it is the only alternative energy supplier building systematically a network of customer contact points which are located, for reasons of maximum accessibility, mostly in the centres of cities and towns. Thanks to this unique and distinctly customer-oriented approach the ARMEX ENERGY company has become one of the leading alternative energy suppliers in the Czech Republic.