• Management of investments of ARMEX GROUP companies
  • Engineering and implementation of industrial zones construction
  • Developer activities
  • Facility management of ARMEX ENERGY customer contact points
  • Consultancy in the evaluation of investment plans

The ARMEX INVEST company was established in 2006 to implement investment projects of companies in the ARMEX Group. The most important projects include the Lovosice II industrial zone, where 130,000 square metres of warehouse and production areas are to originate by the end of 2020, the expansion of the ARMEX Děčín-Folknáře office/industrial zone, the multifunctional facility at Děčín-Letná, etc.

A crucial role is played by ARMEX INVEST also in the expansion of the ARMEX ENERGY network of brick-and-mortar shops, where it takes care not only of their choice and subsequent reconstruction, but also of the management of their properties. An associated, but not negligible part of ARMEX INVEST activities is its own developer projects, such as was, for example, the construction of family homes at Roudnice-Podlusky.